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Cold Water Photo Booth Co.'s Motto is:

help people capture memories at their happiest.

We strive to be the ones capturing all of your live’s happy moments. Our founder started Cold Water Photo Booth Co. to challenge what it meant to deliver high quality services. We strive to be alongside every happy occasion to capture your emotions in a fun and exciting way.


After years of attending weddings and social events without a photo booth, we decided to bring the people what they wanted. Our name comes from the Agua Fria river, which translated into English is “Cold Water”. We love this name since we are a West Valley based photo booth company. 

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About Cold Water Photo Booth Co. & Our Mission

FUN & ENgaging Photo-tainment

personal attendants

Our attendants do much more than run the booth. They are the life of the party!

Quality Prints

Everyone wants a copy of the special memories. That is why we have high quality photo prints

24/7 communication

We hate waiting too! We have a team working around the clock to communicate with you and ensure you are answered in a timely manner.


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